Usual fairly frantic lastish-minute preparations before departure. Because my bike + box weighs around 25 kg, I’m limited to 15 kg for my hold suitcase, so am having to travel light. As I’m a kitchen sink kind of a guy, I’m finding this difficult…..

Must tip my hat to Monarch Airlines Customer Service here, however. Having made a bit of a mess of my online baggage booking, I contacted them to try and sort things out. The young lady at the end of the phone advised that I should have booked the bike as sports equipment and that I’d overpaid by £147! She sorted it out there and then and I’ve already received the refund. Good service from an entirely unexpected quarter. Just hope it goes all right on check-in…..

Did my final exercise session yesterday morning, which went really well. Nothing too strenuous – just a lightish workout to re-acclimatise the muscles. The rest has done me a power of good. Physically in good nick – mentally not so good as I will probably be in a state of near-panic until I arrive at Alicante, retrieve my bike and get it out on the road!

Also planning to take delivery of the new car this afternoon. Had to be done this quickly to take advantage of the deal being offered. Hardly ideal timing, but hopefully the missus won’t bend it whilst I’m away…..

Weather out in Spain looks a bit of a mixed bag – showers and coolish to start with, getting better as the week wears on. Doesn’t look as though it’s going to be much warmer than the UK, ironically! Sod’s Law, again…

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