First ride

Not a great start. Clocks had gone forward in Spain (as they had in the UK) so had adjusted my watch and mobile phone accordingly. However, the phone decided to advance itself by an extra hour. The alarm went off, I got up, shaved….. and then looked at my watch. I’d got up an hour earlier than I needed to!

Nice leisurely 10.30 start to the ride. All going nice and easy when there was a shout up front – broken glass on the road. Lucky streak now ended – front tyre puncture with the tyre quite badly damaged. At least it was the front tyre…..

Fortunately the support van came to the rescue. Swapped wheels and at the next stop I got my wheel back with a new inner and outer tube. Brilliant.

After a chilly-ish start, it was turning into a beautiful day – in fact the temperature hit around 21 degrees at one point. Much better than the showery conditions forecast earlier in the month.

First 25 km of the ride was pan-flat. The next 25 km was to be used as a test to decide who went into what groups, as it was a long climb. The elite crowd, of course, set off at some ridiculous pace, but I was very pleased to note that all the work I’ve been doing on the turbo was now paying off. I passed a number of cyclists who, on paper, were stronger than me. End result – finished as one of the leaders of the best of the rest group, which puts me firmly as one of the strongest in the second fastest group. Felt really strong going up the hill and, in fact, all others on this ride. My weakness is descending down very twisty roads – just don’t have the confidence and courage. Apart from that, it was a brilliant ride on a lovely day.

Ride tomorrow is similar, although I believe there is one really quite steep section. We’ll see how it goes – I should sleep well tonight.

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  1. Chris, LOL – with a Android Galaxy S II, you can be sure it would advance to DST automatically! Even my humble HTC Wildfire does that!

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