Second ride

Another beautiful day, in total contrast to what we’d been expecting.

Shorter ride than yesterday, but much steeper climbing and about 20% more vertical distance climbed. Tough in places, but just concentrated on keeping it nice and steady. Paid off, because, as always happens, you get the have-a-go heros blast up the hill, but they then blow up. Very satisfying to just ease past them, having conserved my energy.

Took some great video footage, both of a climb up towards Castell de Castells, then the descent of a great hill called Coll de Rates (Rat Hill). Too long to show here in raw form, but once edited, will put up a link.

Terrific ride, but note to self: use sun screen tomorrow! The backs of my legs were a bit sunburned, but there were some who suffered a great deal more.

At the evening briefing, we were told the options for tomorrow: a 180 km ride with about 3000 metres of climbing, a 160 km ride with about 2,000 metres of climbing and a 100 km ride with about 1,000 metres of climbing. As I’m doing a huge Alpine sportive in July which is about 180 km, I wanted to do the longest one, which was offered to the fast group and the fastest members of the next group (which includes me!) I was glad to see that the riders who were about my standard pretty much all opted for the longest ride. We won’t be as fast as the fast boys and girls, but if we stick together, keep it steady and help each other out, we should be fine. At least we get a lunch stop this time!

The food in the evening (buffet style) at the hotel is plentiful, but it has been of poor quality. Pity, as everything else is excellent. I set off for the restaurant, to be greeted on the hotel steps by members of the High Wycombe club, who were at the same camp last April, so I knew them quite well. To my great appreciation, they invited me out for a pizza – very nice of them and a much more attractive prospect than eating in. First port of call was abortive, as, like so often in Spain, it was closed on Mondays! Then followed a longish walk into town, ending up going down a rather seedy looking street with a sex shop very prominent! However, the restaurant was very nice and also good value, so a convivial evening was had by all.

Need to sleep well tonight – long day in the saddle tomorow.

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  1. Louise Woodland avatar
    Louise Woodland

    Sounds fantastic but HARD work! Well done for keeping with the top guys. Keep safe – Louise

  2. ” … very satisfying to just ease past them, having conserved my energy” – I can just imagine you saying that Chris, with great satisfaction! 🙂

  3. BTW, looking forward to another great blog entry tomorrow!

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