Day 1 in France

One of the constant pieces of advice I’ve received for the ride is to keep well hydrated, as it can get VERY hot. I’ve got two 1-litre bottles, but thought it might be a good idea to carry some more bottles if poss. I therefore dashed out to my local bike store and purchased one of these saddle-mounted bottle holders that triathletes use. Like most roadies of my ilk, I’d acquired bottles galore from various sportives, etc., so thought that I could actually put these bottles that I’d hoarded for absolutely no good reason to some use.

Got packed up, bike loaded and we were on the road at just after midday, in miserable conditions, heading towards the Channel Tunnel. No drama whatsoever, I’m pleased to report – I’m writing this from a (small) room in the Campanile hotel in Laon, having had an agreeable meal and an even more agreeable beer with warm sunshine and 24 degree temperatures! The journey down was completely trouble-free – long may that continue! Longish trip down to Bourg d’Oisans tomorrow, but might try to have a quick peek at the spectacular Laon Cathedral tomorrow morning.

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