Day 2 in France

Day 2 in France//


Before undertaking the long journey south, we decided to take a quick peek at Laon Cathedral. Well worth it, as the French do monumental masonry very well, as can be seen from the photo. Magnificent.

From then on, it was just a case of programming the sat nav, getting onto the autoroute, setting the cruise control and relaxing. Great to have the aircon on in the car as the temperature touched 32 degrees at one point! Took a couple of breaks on the way down, but, apart from some thickish traffic through Grenoble, it was a long but uneventful journey. Finding the turning to the B&B was a bit tricky, but once negotiated, plain sailing thereafter. Once unpacked, equipped myself with the mandatory beer and we enjoyed a very pleasant evening in the company of like minded souls, one of whom is a Marmotte virgin like myself.

Bit of a recce tomorrow – I’m trying to see if I have enough brownie points to wangle riding up the Alpe d’Huez, so that I have some idea what to face at the end of the ride proper……

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