Day 6 in France

The day after……

Unsurprisingly, I slept extremely well. When I awoke, everything seemed to be working at one level or another, and I managed to ascend the stairs to get some breakfast.

We then took a beautiful drive out to a place called La Berarde, a haven for cyclists, hikers and general outdoor types. It is, in fact, at the end of the road (the D530, to be precise). Having got our bearings, we decided to try a short walk to Les Etages, a village about 3 km due west. This turned out to be a mistake, as it was narrow, steep, rocky and bloody dangerous. NOT what I needed with lactate-filled legs. Wonderful scenery, though, and very hot weather.

We returned to La Berarde and enjoyed a long, leisurely lunch at a restaurant there. That was pretty much enough to see us through the day, so we returned to the B&B for a restful afternoon and evening. Just what the doctor ordered, if not exactly exciting. 

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