Day 8 in France

Not one of our better days…..

We’d decided that we should visit Grenoble, the nearest large town/city, whilst we were in Bourg, as it had a reputation for history and interesting architecture. The drive there was fine – finding your way around and parking were a nightmare. Eventually managed it, made our way to the tourist office, got a map and decided to visit the Bastille on the top of the hill above Grenoble. Before that, we decided we needed some lunch, and got well and truly ripped off in a restaurant. Worse, we had to settle the bill in a hurry as the ticket on the car was running out. Made it back in time – just – and then at least managed to find some free parking at the base of the Bastille hill.

We then decided we would walk up the hill, which was a BIG mistake. It was  a very hot and humid day, and it was a steep and long climb. Think Alpe d’Huez, but steeper! We finally got there, expecting to find loads of historical information about the Bastille itself. Zippo. Really odd. We did spend 3 euros on an audio tour telling us about the Alpine troops, which was interesting, but not really what we wanted. The loos were disgusting and there was really very little else of interest at all. The only plus points were the views from the top and the cable car ride down to the bottom!

Had a look round the old town, which was actually not too bad, but again not exactly riveting. Struggled to get out of Grenoble in the car and stopped in Vizille on the way back for a so-so evening meal. Pretty much a waste of a nice day. Pity.

River Isere in Grenoble

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