Day 9 in France

MUCH better! Just as well, as it was our last day. 🙁

Went to visit the Alpine gardens at the top of the Col de Lauteret -the highest gardens in the Alps, we believe. Chilly wind, but some great views of the mountains and glaciers round about. The flowers were actually quite nice too….

This is actually one of those gardens which is used to carry out scientific research and conservation of seeds from all around the world. Very interesting and well laid out. Highly recommended even if, like me, you’re not particularly interested in plants per se, but quite like looking at the fruits of other people’s labours!

Went down the mountain to a lovely village called Villar d’Arene. Here we sat in a nice little square and had a long and leisurely lunch in warm sunshine. Fabulous. Had a look around – very pretty.

Went further down the mountain to La Grave. This is famous for the long and scary cable car ride up to the Meije glacier. We didn’t take the cable car, as we weren’t properly equipped, but there were some fabulous views of the glaciers.

Meije glacier

Had a look round La Grave. Pretty, but commercial – as so often in this part of the world, it had a really interesting church.

Churchyard in La Grave

Further down the mountain, we took a turn upward again to look at some other pretty Alpine villages before returning to the  B&B to pack for the 2-day jurney back to Blighty. Managed to book what would appear to be a nice hotel in Langres – the Cheval Blanc – for our overnight stay on the way back. It had better be good – the price is pretty stiff, but we fancied a bit of luxury on the way home before hitting the rain-washed and sorrowful shores of the UK on Friday 13th…..

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