Start of the journey proper (21st/22nd August)

I’d hired a limo to take us down to Heathrow the night before the actual departure date, just so that we didn’t run the risk of getting stuck in traffic on the way down. Turns out that the limo was pretty spectacular inside:
And a crap selfie just to finish it off:
Journey down uneventful. Hotel room was standard boxy stuff, but comfortable enough. Got to Terminal 3 the following morning with plenty of time to spare and got through security with remarkably little fuss. Found the Emirates lounge and were able to relax before boarding the plane, one of the newish A380 models, for the first leg to Dubai. Left an hour late, but a very comfortable and uneventful flight, albeit 7 hours. Interesting config – plenty of room sideways, but not as much legroom as I would have liked.Got to Dubai and then had to transit through to the next leg to Singapore. Bit more trying, but the plane left on time. This was a Boeing 777 – very different from the A380. Far more legroom, but much narrower bays. Still, comfortable enough, but arrived at Singapore at around 9 a.m. local time the following morning, completely knackered.


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