Monday, 27th August – Darwin

Not a bad night\’s kip, so awoke in time for breakfast in the hotel…… Buffet style and not bad quality, but surprisingly expensive.

Spent the morning bumbling around Darwin getting our bearings. Bought two Telstra SIMs for our phones as I had been seriously misled about the capability of the Three SIMs we had bought before we left the UK. Long story in itself – an ongoing frank exchange of views with Three management not relevant here. Anyway, now set up finally for Oz comms.

Wandered around the recently redeveloped Darwin waterfront. Not much to recommend it, to be honest. This looks like a town which is basically fairly poor and in need of serious investment. We did find a decent supermarket (Coles) in which we bought a few bits of food for our own use in the apartment as it has decent enough cooking facilities.

As before, a shot of a specimen of the local wildlife was about as exciting as it gets……

Another nice sunset, though.

Spent the rest of the afternoon by the poolside drinking beer and writing this drivel. Should get a lot more exciting from Wednesday onwards…..

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