Tuesday, 28th August – Darwin

Another nice quiet day. We have a couple of very long days tomorrow and Thursday, so perhaps this is just as well. Lovely weather, though – 32 degrees and sunny without being absolutely baking.

Turned right out of the front of the hotel instead of turning right out of the back. Pleasant enough stroll along the edge of Darwin Bay, then back into town for a coffee. Jean was peckish, so invested in some crocodile goujons. Yes, really.

Apparently, crocodile tastes like mildly flavoured chewy chicken. Well, you did ask…..

And before anybody gets on their high horse about the impact on crocodile populations, there are more crocodiles in the Darwin region than people (greater than 100,000). The Aussies, in any event, are very strong on conservation generally.

Finished off the evening at the Char restaurant (http://chardarwin.com.au/), which was a great (and expensive) experience. One of the nicest steaks I have ever had, but the cost of living here is very high.

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