Tuesday, 4th September – Coral Discoverer

A not uninteresting beach walk this morning with some examples of Gwion aboriginal art:

This was followed by a genuinely interesting walk through a cave system worn through the rocks over time, known locally as Hathaway’s Hideaway after a certain Gail Hathaway was stranded there a few years ago:

In the afternoon, we visited Bigge Island, which is actually the third biggest island in Western Australia. Chiefly of interest was the aboriginal art on and under the rocks, attributed to the Wandjina people.

A frisson of excitement was added when a largish saltwater crocodile was found in a cave:

Jamie took us on a walk around the shore, pointing out various bits of faunal and floral interest.

In the evening, we actually had pre-dinner drinks on a beach on Bigge Island, which was excellent fun, accompanied by another wonderful sunset.

Then back to the ship for a roast dinner. Very nice, but no roast potatoes for me to criticise and the pork crackling was naff. However, great company and a lively, wide-ranging discussion. So many Australians are fascinated with our planned itinerary, and it would appear that we will be seeing more of Australia than most Australians!

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