Wednesday, 5th September – Coral Discoverer

We foreswore a trip to a local tree commemorating an expedition which occurred in the 1830s in favour of a lie-in.
The afternoon took us on a long trip down the Prince Regent River on the Xplorer to see the King Cascade. Apparently it is a lot of fun to take a shower under the falls and get cold and wet. Jean did – I didn’t. It is, however, quite a sight, although it would be even more spectacular in the rainy season, of course.

A large crocodile (called Eric, of course……) looked on whilst this hoohah was happening:

2 responses to “Wednesday, 5th September – Coral Discoverer”

  1. A bit scary with all the crocodiles being around near you!

  2. They were totally unbothered by our presence, concentrating, as they often do, to getting their body temperature up to the requisite 31 degrees to go fishing! A spectacular sight, though.

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