Sunday, 9th September – Coral Discoverer

Fairly relaxed day, but one highlight was a visit to the Lacapede Islands lagoon. Swarming with bird and marine life. Stars of the show were the brown boobies – the place was full of them. They are very inquisitive birds and, when they are young, they are still honing their flying skills and often crash into things. One crashed into the foredeck of the ship and had to be caught and released.
Earlier in the morning, out in the open sea, a humpback whale put on a real show for us. Amazing stuff.

Some other pictures of the marine life in the lagoon:

The rest of the time was spent packing and preparing ourselves for our early departure from the ship to the hotel in Broome tomorrow morning. As we will be moving to Western Australia Time, we do at least get an extra hour and a half’s kip tonight!

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