Monday, 10th September – Coral Discoverer to Broome

Time came to get up for breakfast, having had the advantage of an extra hour and a half’s kip due to the time zone change, then clear our room onboard Coral Discoverer prior to departure from the ship. As we disembarked, we got a great send-off from the ship’s staff as we got onto the coach taking us to our hotels, and I felt really quite emotional. After all, it had been our home for a pretty full-on experience for 10 days. Fabulous and memorable.
Got to the Cable Beach Resort in Broome, but our room wasn’t ready, so we had a coffee and a wander. This is a self-contained resort, so you don’t have to leave it! However, we plan to look round Broome over the next few days – our flight to Perth is on Friday.
When we got to our room, it was enormous, with our own personal wallaby in the grounds:

Spent the rest of the day exploring the resort and generally finding our feet. I could get used to this place……
Booked a table at the Sunset Bar and Grill, and indeed watched a spectacular sunset, followed by a superb steak and chips. Mind you, the price once again was very high – why is eating out in Australia so expensive??
Back to the room for a relatively early night.

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