Saturday, 15th September – Perth

Perfectly decent “free” breakfast as part of our upgrade. Then wandered down to Elizabeth Quay, known to the locals rather humorously as Betty Jetty, which has recently been redeveloped. It was much chillier that we’ve been used to (drop from 33 to 11 degrees!), but the air was clear and the sky cloudless. Usual tourist gawping at the city skyline and the rather splendid Swan River:

We then took the ferry over to South Perth so that Jean could follow up on a house that her brother used to own when he lived in Perth in the mid-1970s. We found it, not without a little difficulty and with some help from a passer-by (the Australian house numbering system can take a bit of getting used to). Jean took some pictures and we made our way back to the ferry, stopping at a riverside bar called Mister Walker, (!) me for a tea, Jean for a disgusting green smoothie type drink.

Back into central Perth via the northbound ferry to try and master the bus system. All buses in the Central Business District (CBD) in Perth are free, to keep cars out of the city centre and to encourage tourism. Made our way to the car hire place where will be picking up our rental vehicle from on Tuesday morning, only to find it closed. No matter. Then back to the shopping area to find Jean a suitcase and me some camera bits that I’ve forgotten to bring out with me. Found Jean’s suitcase relatively quickly, and I was so impressed that I got one as well. Only problem is – we now have two ex-suitcases to dispose of…..
Got my camera bits eventually, then back to the hotel. The “free” canapes and drinks made up our dinner yet again. We probably need to get out more!

Booked, via the hotel concierge, a boat trip down the river to Fremantle tomorrow so that we can have a look round there. Plan is to come back via train. Could be interesting….

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