Monday, 17th September – :Perth

Spent the day going round Kings Park on the western edge of the city, which we got to by (free) bus. This is actually larger than Central Park in New York, and boasts a very comprehensive and really rather beautiful botanic garden. The views of the city of Perth and the Swan River were also impressive:

Apparently the freeway towards Fremantle is the subject of the rock band AC/DC\’s  \”Highway to Hell\”. Not a lot of people know that……
We then had our first few drops of rain for quite a while, so repaired to the on-site café, along with the world and his brother. Managed to squeeze in and grab a coffee. Then embarked on a very pleasant walk, again within this enormous park, along a bushland nature trail.
Back to the hotel via bus again. Then we actually went out for a meal! Destination was a “pub” about 200 metres away that had been recommended by the concierge at the hotel. Like no pub that I’ve ever been in, but for a Monday night, it was remarkably busy. The food was good, efficiently served, and reasonably priced by Australian standards.
Back to the hotel for an earlyish night, but of course there were the usual packing bits and pieces to cope with. It has served us very well indeed – the upgrade was well worth the extra dosh. Very comfortable and large room, with a shower room the size of most people’s bathroom. The shower itself was to die for also, and Jean enjoyed the use of a bath!

We depart for Geraldton, an intermediate stop on the way north, tomorrow morning.

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  1. Hi there – just caught up with your mid- September blog and it's now October 8th. Lovely to hear about King's Park in Perth. Our son and partner lived in Perth and we visited them there about 4 years ago. I remember looking out over the Swan River and the CPD where Ben worked. We loved Freemantle – I remember taking bikes on the train from Perth on the day of the Melbourne Cup. We cycled round Rotnest Island and saw quokkas. We also visited Sydney a couple of years later when Ben and Jules moved there. They are now in NZ so am looking forward to hearing of your tales as we haven't been there yet!! All the best and thanks for your blog. Love Jan

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