Tuesday, 18th September – Perth to Geraldton

Picked up the hire car (a red Mitsubishi ASX SUV, since you ask) from Avis in Central Perth with minimal fuss and drove back to the hotel to pick up our bags. Perth is surprisingly easy to drive around, mercifully. Then set off up the Mitchell Freeway and the Indian Ocean Drive towards Geraldton, our overnight stop, over 250 km northwards.

Stopped for a coffee and a bite to eat at a cafe in a small place called Cervantes. This was like a scene from the Wild West, in the middle of nowhere. One woman on duty, servicing the cafe and a remarkably comprehensive shop, who clearly didn\’t have a clue how to operate the coffee machine and was all over the shop, literally. We had to wait until her husband returned until we got our coffee. The couple on the next table had to wait even longer for the home help to arrive before they got their food. People were drifting in and out, most of them workmen of various types, and every time the door opened, one was nearly flattened by the piercing wind blowing furiously off the Indian Ocean nearby. Bit different from the Pan Pacific hotel in Perth……

Carried on our way up the coast. It was actually a nice drive. Got randomly breathalysed in some Godforsaken spot on the way – a bit of a facer and a reminder how seriously Australia takes drink-driving – but no issues. Very nice easy drive on nice easy almost empty roads in a nice easy car.

Got to our destination at about 3.30 p.m – a motel, and the room will not win any awards, but spacious enough and there were laundry facilities available free of charge. Humdrum stuff, but gratefully taken advantage of as the washing load was ominously large! These things are important, you know…..

Went for a meal in the associated restaurant, and it was remarkably good – a relatively sophisticated oasis in a bit of a hick town. Quite glad we\’re only in this room for the one night, though – it\’s all a bit tatty and tired.

Drive to Monkey Mia tomorrow. Here be dolphins, allegedly, and lots more marine life besides. It should also be a lot warmer, thank God…..

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised at the green rolling landscape on this stretch of road, even had cows grazing in the fields. Could have been in the UK, except the sand near the Indian Ocean was pure white!

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