Friday, 21st September – Monkey Mia/Shark Bay to Exmouth Gulf

Nothing much to report, but this was a helluva long drive – over 700 km – from Shark Bay up to Exmouth Gulf, with the temperature creeping up to 35 degrees. The car’s aircon was working at max pretty much all the way up. Mile after mile of straight road with little to catch the imagination. One has to drive around 200 km south from Monkey Mia before one can turn north up to Exmouth.
Finally arrived, car well and truly bug-spattered, at around 5.45 p.m. at a really nice resort – Mantarays Ningaloo Beach. This, like Monkey Mia, is pretty new – in fact the whole of Exmouth is pretty new – but is far better organised and better set up. Room is superb, with a great view and – wonder of wonders – a jacuzzi bath! WiFi’s pretty dodgy, though…..

Excellent meal in the resort restaurant followed and a relatively early night.

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  1. Somewhere on this long drive we stopped at a cafe miles from anywhere. On the forecourt was a rusty old bus hand painted in swirling bright colours and the words The Magic Bus on the side. Like something out of the 1960's. Probably was that old. It looked like it had crawled onto the forecourt and died! Sure enough, inside the cafe were a dozen young Aussies whose dreams of adventure had died alongside the bus. They were waiting to be rescued by a motoring organization or parents, whichever came first. The cafe owner told me, with eyes pointing heavenward, she was hoping they would be gone 'very soon'. I kinda felt sorry for them. We would never have attemped such a long journey in a rusty old crate like that in our younger days, would we girls! :-))

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