Thursday, 4th October – Adelaide to Robe

Reasonably leisurely start after a very good night’s sleep in this great hotel. It’s certainly been one of the best we’ve stayed in so far, particularly with regard to the service we received from the staff overall. Sad to leave, but we move on.
Collected a hire car for our drive round the south coast to Melbourne – another Mitsubishi, but this time an Outlander. Bigger than the ASX we had before, and loads of room for our voluminous luggage (oh, and the bottles of wine from yesterday’s efforts…..)
Our destination was the small town of Robe, only about 200 miles (!) south of Adelaide on the coast. However, we took a detour through the Adelaide Hills to the east of the city, and were rewarded with some nice scenery, but boy, was it chilly.
We stopped for a coffee in Hahndorf, a town originally settled by Lutheran monks in the mid-19th century. We’d heard a lot about this place, and it seemed the world and his brother had too. Rammed. Getting even chillier as well. Bit twee, to be honest, and a real tourist trap, so we carried on southwards.
Usual virtually empty roads, and pretty uneventful, apart from a fierce crosswind. Took a couple of detours to check out the scenery of this unique coastline:

This lake is virtually solid salt – picture doesn\’t really convey how white it was
Finally arrived at our destination, which was a little apartment juxtaposed to the oldest house in Robe, which has itself been divided into four apartments. The food for breakfast is provided – it’s up to you to prepare it. It looks far more like a British B&B than anything we’ve stayed in to date – it even has electric blankets, forsooth – but it has its own cooking facilities:

I was duly dispatched down to the local supermarket to get some grub for us to eat, and we eventually settled down to burgers, mixed veg and new potatoes, followed by apple pie and cream. Proper Cordon Bleu stuff. Made a really nice change from all the hotel and restaurant food we’ve been eating to date. Oh, and one of the bottles of wine we brought with us……
We are only staying here one night before we move onto our next destination – Mount Gambier – but that is only about an hour and a half away, so we can look forward to having a gander round this very pretty area. Just hope that it gets warmer tomorrow!

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  1. Found out today that The Playford used to be a newspaper office owned by Murdoch. It burned down a few years back and the building was bought by Accor hotels (cheaply?) And turned into an Art Deco hotel. Very nicely done. I have photos but can't post here. Stay there if you're passing!

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