Tuesday, 9th October – Apollo Bay

Remember I said that we could enjoy a leisurely breakfast on our patio?

Nope. It had been pissing with rain pretty much all night as far as we could gather (we both slept extremely well), and it was a rather chilly 13 degrees. Best laid plans, etc……

We did, however, have a very leisurely breakfast and went down into the small town of Apollo Bay to get some food for tonight and washing machine capsules. These things are important, you know….

Had a coffee and a quick look round, but it was raining and chilly. The bay, however, would look really nice if it wasn\’t so wet and misty……

We returned to our room to get all the important stuff done like this blog and the washing. We will be eating in tonight for a change!

The in-room facilities proved perfectly adequate for a decent enough meal (if I say so myself) plus the opportunity to partake of one of the bottles of wine we\’d bought at the Adelaide winery visit. Only one bottle left now……

It was getting steadily colder, particularly in the bedroom, so on went the aircon, the electric blankets (!) and also the log fire. The wind was also getting stronger. A noisy night awaits before we set off to Melbourne in the morning.

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