Monday, 15th October – Hobart to Strahan

Another leisurely getaway, as is our wont, and we decided to drive up to Mount Wellington, which sits above Hobart and was recommended as a viewpoint by the Hobart tourist information office.

How right they were. Around 35 minutes out of Hobart, we were treated to some stunning views, albeit with the usual application of the Walker family in-joke \”would be better if it wasn\’t so hazy…..\”

We didn\’t hang about here long, as it was bloody freezing and blowing a hooly.

Incidentally, to any of my cycling friends who may be reading this, the climb up Mount Wellington is truly beautiful and challenging. It so reminded me of Mont Ventoux and is possibly tougher. Even though the summit is \”only\” 1,270 metres above sea level, you start from sea level. If you happen to be in Tasmania, give it a go! Bit far for a club outing, methinks…….

We then embarked on a drive across the island, from East to West. A truly, truly spectacular drive. Absolutely amazing scenery, changes of terrain from sea-level flat to high moorland, snowy peaks, rugged high hills, water galore and Alpine level hairpin bends by the bucketload. It was a 5-hour drive, and required all my concentration, although Jean relieved me for a spell. You go through some true wilderness. Most of the south-west quarter of the island is uninhabited, a fact I did not realise. This is a fantastic place.  Certainly a real highlight on what has been a superb experience so far, and so much more to come.

Didn\’t get to our destination, Strahan village, until about 6.15, and I was knackered after all that. Checked in to our rather gloomy and tired room, and managed to make it down to the local pub for what turned out to be an excellent meal. Even though it was a Monday night, the place was buzzing, aided and abetted by the pub manager and the head chef being somewhat pissed.

On an impulse, booked onto a cruise down the Gordon River tomorrow, which promises to be relaxing and very scenic. However, we have to be down at the quay by 8 a.m., so a relatively early start for us. Rough with the smooth, you know…..

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