Monday, 22nd October – Freycinet to Hobart

After a light breakfast after last night\’s over-indulgence, we decided to drive the short distance to the car park for the Wineglass Bay viewpoint, one of the highlights of this beautiful area. The climb up to the viewpoint was a stiffish 35 minutes, but we were rewarded with some wonderful views:

Climbing down from here, we then drove to the Tourville Lighthouse on the other side of the peninsula, with some more stunning scenery:

Thence further down the coast to Sleepy Bay:

Back up to Freycinet Lodge for a coffee, then hit the road to the Travelodge at Hobart Airport. Bit of a comedown, but to be fair, the room was large and comfortable. The meal in the restaurant was fine and reasonably priced. Sussed out the journey to the airport and then retired relatively early for a 4.15 a.m. getup (groan) so as to catch an early flight from Hobart to Sydney and from there to Ayers Rock. A potentially trying day.

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