Saturday, 27th October – Ayers Rock to Cairns

At last! A lie-in.

Checked out of the room in timely fashion, but the weather was poor. Cool and very wet. Lots of hanging around until the coach came to collect us from the hotel and take us to the airport.

Check-in at the airport uneventful. Flight comfortable (additional legroom seats had been pre-purchased) and uneventful.

Some pics from the aircraft:

 Salt lakes

Cab to the hotel uneventful – a very taciturn taxi driver.

Arrived at the Shangri-La to be greeted by a very helpful bellhop, who turned out to be Canadian and very talkative. Check-in uneventful and a very nice room with a balcony overlooking the sea now ours for the next five nights.

I\’d deferred our trip out to the Great Barrier Reef by a day, so tomorrow we can do absolutely nothing if we so choose. Just need a day to get our bearings and suss out the myriad options in this hotel!

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