Tuesday, 30th October – Cairns

Another nice, quiet, relaxed day. Most welcome and thoroughly enjoyable.

As we really do know how to have a good time, we visited the local launderette to do what you do in launderettes across the world. These things are important, you know……

We used Washer No. 6. Thought you should know….

Back to the hotel to enjoy most of the rest of the day at the poolside. It has a bar, which was visited a few times. Unsurprisingly.

Out later for a meal on spec, but Cairns has many, many places to eat within a short distance of the hotel. Once again, we came up trumps at a waterfront restaurant called Dundee\’s, which was buzzing (on a Tuesday night?? Go figure). Very nice meal indeed. Eating out in Oz might be on the pricey side, but the standard of food has been generally very good.

Off tomorrow to visit a place called Kuranda, involving rainforest, cable cars and railways.

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