Thursday, 1st November – Cairns to Brisbane

Generally a very smooth start to the day. Cab turned up on time and duly deposited us at Cairns Airport. Having checked in online, just a case of dropping off the bags (both of which were VERY close to the 23-kilogram limit). Security was a relative breeze (Jean got stopped and scanned for explosives again), then coffee and a wait.

I\’d pre-booked the seats for extra legroom, and that gave us priority boarding. Plane left more or less on time and arrived early. The only slightly negative note was the very poor quality of the snack (this is Virgin Australia, with whom we are flying to New Zealand in a couple of weeks).

Found the hire car with relatively little difficulty, and managed, not without some effort and shortness of temper, to locate the hotel.

Good views of the city out of the room window, though:

Down to the hotel restaurant for a meal, because we couldn\’t be arsed to find somewhere else to go. Yet another surprisingly good meal, and really not bad value for a fairly up-market hotel. Good service, too.

Brisbane night sky also worth a few pics:

Nice to have a hire car once again – we can dump stuff in the car and leave it there for the next 10 days or so……

Shortish (by Aussie standards) drive down the east coast to Byron Bay tomorrow. I\’m really looking forward to this, as so many people, including Australians we have met, have recommended this place.

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