Saturday, 3rd November – Byron Bay

Good night\’s kip, followed by a long, lazy, leisurely breakfast. Fab.

As Byron Bay had been recommended by so many people, we went to see what the fuss was about (plus top up with essential supplies, as we have cooking facilities in the room). For the latter, we went to Woolworth\’s. This is still extant in Australia, but serves food and household stuff only. Rammed. It is Saturday after all, but Jean\’s uncanny knack of finding car parking spaces works in Oz as well, thank God.

Once done, we took a walk around. The main thing was the number of people. Lovely weekend weather, so the place was packed. It\’s also a bigger town than I\’d thought, and, to be quite honest, not particularly remarkable.

Went down to the beach to see if that was any better. OK, I suppose, and could have done with being less hazy (heard that before?), but I\’ve seen prettier, and certainly less crowded, beaches.

Well, maybe the Cape Byron lighthouse might offer more, so off we trundled. Again, packed, and we had to pay $8 for the privilege of parking.

Yes, it\’s a nice spot, and some lovely views, but really nothing as stunning as, say, Freycinet. An interesting museum plus a visitor centre, and that was about it.

All in all, I\’m afraid, a bit disappointing after the buildup, so we scuttled back to the haven that is our resort. Anyway, it means we can REALLY concentrate on relaxing now!

Nice quiet evening, aided by some of the essential supplies alluded to earlier, plus a chicken dinner cooked by yours truly.

We can look forward to a day by the pool/in the lounge/in our room/in the bar tomorrow. We\’ve also got to get the washing done. These things are important, you know…..

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