Tuesday, 6th November – Coffs Harbour

Decided to forgo breakfast and investigate the town of Coffs Harbour more closely. After a spot of shopping (well, after all, the tonic water levels were getting a bit low) we went for a walk along the promenade. However, it was very blustery and not particularly pleasant, so we repaired to a cafe for a coffee and a toasted sandwich. It\’s quite a nice place, though:

Thence drove up to a scenic viewpoint above Coffs Harbour. Less blustery up here, but really, really humid. Some nice views, albeit with the usual rider \”better if it wasn\’t so hazy\”. Also, there were some rather persistent large biting insects, which caused us to leave hurriedly. Somebody called them \”March flies\” – if so, what the hell are they doing here in November??

Pictures are from the Korora and Sealy Point lookouts.

Back to our cabin to put the washing on (these things are important, you know) and spent a short while reclining by the pool with a beer, until some noisy Aussies (of which there are many here) drove us away. Why do they have to be so loud??

Jean, of course, had to sample the jacuzzi bath in our room, but we made it in time for our table reservation – just.

An excellent meal followed, then time to pack and retire for the evening. A relatively short journey to Port MacQuarie in prospect for tomorrow – we are there for just one night. Onward and downward, if you get my drift……

Lots of lightning this evening and humidity still very high. Weather prospects not looking quite so good over the next few days. Thursday, in particular, looking VERY wet. Oh, well…..

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  1. Chris 'forgot' to mention that we also played a round of crazy golf, called 'putt putt' here. Should I mention that I won by a large margin, perhaps not….We have a large lizard, I've named Leslie, patrolling our patio. I think we've invaded his territory. Lizards are everywhere here and usually scuttle away on our approach. Leslie however stands firm until the last minute and then runs into the bushes. Also loads of Brush Turkeys scrapping away in the dirt looking for tasty treats. A strange sight and sound for us to begin with but now we hardly notice them.

  2. The carved lizard is a lovely thing, isn't it?

  3. Sure was. Sorry I couldn't bring it home – we're very close to the excess baggage weight limit as it is! 😉

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