Friday, 9th November – Port Stephens

Awoke to a beautiful day, if on the fresh side after what we\’ve been used to (temperature a mere 20 degrees). Leisurely breakfast, then wandered out to the man-made jetties around this rather splendid establishment. A pelican made his status known by landing on one of the jetties and only stepping aside as we passed.

To our, and the hotel\’s, relief, the issue of the missing reservation was resolved satisfactorily. Something about migrating from one IT system to another. Surely this shouldn\’t cause any problems?? Hmmmmmm…..

We then headed east along the estuary on a stroll towards Nelson Bay/Shoal Bay/wherever. The topography round here is quite complex, so the townships seem to merge into one another.

A lovely walk, it has to be said. All well laid out, going past some mouth-watering waterside properties. Much academic surmising about what it would be like to live here…..

Got to Nelson Bay/Shoal Bay/wherever and had a pretty crap coffee before we had a look round town. Nothing to see here, really, so we made our leisurely way back to our hotel, where there was a wedding going on, right underneath our balcony!

Seemed only right to vicariously toast the bride and groom with champagne, so we did.

Spent an hour or so by the poolside in the sunshine just to warm up, as the wind was a bit chilly.

Then to the restaurant for yet another very nice meal, and time for bed before a short journey tomorrow to our next destination in the wine-producing Hunter Valley.

After that, Sydney, and after that, New Zealand! So much still left in this adventure!

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  1. On our walk today we saw a bevy of black swans swimming and feeding in the sea. Never seen swans in a sea before, they like fresh water. An Aussie guy stopped his car and got out to look at them too. Said he'd lived here for 20 years and had never seen swans swim in this bay before, so it must have been unusual.

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