Wednesday, 28th November – Napier to Wellington

Pissing with rain overnight, and still very wet when we finally got up.

Actually quite sad to leave the hotel in Napier – we weren’t sure about it when we turned up, as it looked a bit Benidorm-y, but the room was bright and cheerful, the food was good, the staff were pleasant and helpful, and we both like Napier as a place. Actually, a lot.

Another longish drive to Wellington – around four and a half hours. Pretty uneventful, apart from some violent short, sharp showers. Some nice scenery, though.

Checked into the hotel and straight to the room. Nothing remarkable about it, but the view was good:

Went for a walk around, but we were both very unimpressed by what we saw. Far too many people, very industrial and high-rise, difficult to find your way around.

Back to the hotel (eventually) and had a good meal, which reduced the stress and “I don’t like Wellington” factors somewhat.

As we only have one full day here tomorrow, we are planning to visit the genuinely renowned Te Papa Museum and take a ride up in the cable car. Weather not looking marvellous, unfortunately.

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