Saturday, 1st December – Nelson

Meteorologically speaking, today is the first day of the New Zealand summer. Weeeeelllllll – it was mild enough, I suppose, at around 17 degrees, but it was raining quite heavily.

After an excellent breakfast, the van came to pick me up for the wine tour and we set off. Jean had decided to walk into town for visiting markets, art galleries, shops – the kind of aimless wandering that I simply cannot stand – so a parting of the ways was a good idea.

We – the driver of the van (C J Power, known simply as CJ, two Brazilian newlyweds and me) stopped at two small wineries – Rimu Grove and Kina Cliffs – to sample some of their produce. Very nice it was too. Bought a couple of bottles at the latter. Weather still very wet.

We then stopped at allegedly “the oldest pub in New Zealand”, the Moutere Inn, to sample some of the craft beers and have something to eat. This was OK, but I have to confess that I preferred the wine….. I also got my money back on the meal I’d bought because they were so late in serving it, totally unprompted by me.

Then on to a small brewery at which we sampled yet more beer on a smaller scale. Again, OK and some interesting flavours. The weather had improved significantly by then and the Brazilian newlyweds seemed to be enjoying the beer more than the wine!

Dropped off back at the B&B and walked into town to meet Jean, who had also enjoyed herself. Result all round.

Neither of us were hungry, so we decided to defer our table at the posh restaurant we’d booked last night from 5.45 p.m. to 8.15. p.m.

Walked back into town for a lovely meal, but it was really busy, so the service was a little sketchy at times. No matter – back finally to our B&B with no real plan for tomorrow, as the weather is looking pretty dreadful (unseasonably so, we are told). Could be a day to do the washing – these things are important, you know…..

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  1. My day of \”aimless wondering\” was very enjoyable. It wasn't aimless actually. I planned a walk through the main retail street in Nelson, then on to the Saturday morning market. Very good market, lots of stalls with locally grown fruit, veg and plants plus homemade breads and pastries. Also many craft stalls, products genuinely made in NZ, usually by the person manning the stall. Bought a couple of things! Then, after a reviving coffee, off to see the very modern cathedral. Can't say I liked it much, too much grey concrete but there was an Xmas tree exhibition on which gave it some colour. Then off to the Suter Art gallery which was exhibiting various works of art from local artists. One was glass art. Of interest to me as I've tried doing it! Not easy. The gallery had a nice cafe situated next to Queens Gardens. A small city garden complete with meandering river, pond and ducks. So after my berry smoothie, had a very pleasant wander round that. Chris had returned from his boozy outing by then and joined me, mainly because I had the key to our accommodation :). So not such an aimless day after all!!

  2. Glad that Trailfinders came to the rescue. We have found them excellent on all our travels – we like to do stuff independently but need the reassurance that someone can be on hand 24/7 if needed. Hope true Summer has now arrived in NZ! My son and partner who live outside Hamilton are now gearing up to leave Summer and spend Christmas in the UK with us – we're all very excited.

  3. We spent loads of time when we were travelling ‘aimlessly wondering!’ I love it, great way to see a place I think. Love a mooch!

  4. Must be a girl thing, then….

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