Thursday, 20th December – Dunedin to Lake Tekapo

After such a late night, getting up was pretty tough, but we made it. The weather did not help either – cold, grey and damp. Again. And Jean was still suffering from this dreadful cold, which has gone on now for days, so sleep has been at a premium for both of us. Moan, whinge, grumble…..

Set off on our way to Lake Tekapo, but called in on Baldwin Street, the world’s steepest street (allegedly) on the way. Pissing with rain.

Again, the picture doesn’t do it justice. Not sure how this is judged anyway. I’m sure I’ve cycled up steeper stuff than this, albeit not as long.

On we headed northwards up State Highway 1 along the east coast. Abominable weather to start with, but it got better as we progressed. Scenery OK.

Once we turned inland towards Lake Tekapo, the scenery became a lot more interesting, but the weather deteriorated once again. We’ve not had much luck weather-wise during this so-called summer.

Anyway, got to the Peppers Bluewater Resort and checked into a stunning, huge room. With a kitchen! (But no washing machine – boo!) Great view, too.

Just what we both need for a rest.

No idea what we’ll be doing tomorrow, as we have a full day here, but the washing might be on the agenda. These things are important, you know…..

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  1. This is bed number 50 and the largest to date.

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