Friday, 21st December – Lake Tekapo

Our penultimate full day in New Zealand……

Weather not too bad when we awoke, and Jean had had a slightly quieter night. As the forecast was for deteriorating conditions as the day wore on, we headed west to Lake Pukaki and Mount Cook for a scenic drive.

And boy, was it scenic. Spectacular stuff.

Lake Tekapo first thing
Lake Pukaki from the east side
Lake Pukaki from the west side
One of these is Mount Cook, we think, but we don’t know which one
Tasman Glacier from Mount Cook Village

We stopped in The Old Mountaineer’s Cafe in Mount Cook Village for a coffee and sandwich. Very nice indeed.

However, the weather was moving in and it was time to return. Had a quick look at a village called Twizel – again, very pretty, if touristy – then started on our way back to Lake Tekapo. Ominously, we’d seen lightning and heard thunder over in that direction, but there’s only one road, so we had to take it. Stopped on the way to marvel at the blueness of Lake Pukaki:

The drive back, in its own way, was also spectacular. Absolutely torrential rain at times, with electric storms all around us. Unfortunately, it also precluded us from stopping to take pictures of an absolutely amazing profusion of lupins, which are very common in these parts. May have to go back there tomorrow…..

We\’d also planned to go up to the Mount John Observatory, just to have a look. Apparently on a clear night you can see the southern sky starlit to an extraordinary degree. No chance today or tonight – far too much cloud about.

Back to the hotel to pack and do the washing. Free guest laundry does help here…..

Another nice meal in the hotel restaurant, then final packing and bed.

3-hour journey to Christchurch tomorrow, hopefully via the lupins and Mount John Observatory. Our last day in NZ before we fly off to Hong Kong at a truly ungodly hour on Sunday morning.

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  1. Hope you are feeling better Jean now. Shame about the weather at times but have enjoyed the blog thank you xxsz

  2. Thanks. Getting better slowly, unlike the weather! Last day in NZ today (22nd). 4 am start tomorrow to get to Hong Kong via Sydney. (7 hour wait there!). Looking forward to seeing Hong Kong, especially on Xmas day. Xmas is very low key here in NZ.

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