Monday, 24th December – Hong Kong

Awoke feeling much refreshed, but grey skies and thick clouds were much in evidence.

Breakfast was included in our package, so we partook of a reasonably decent buffet breakfast in a very crowded and busy restaurant.

We then went down to see the concierge in the hotel lobby, who was extremely helpful, as neither of us had a clue about this place. We booked a harbour trip for this evening to see the laser light show that happens in the harbour every night at around 8 p.m., plus a trip up Victoria Peak with dinner and a visit to a local market for tomorrow (Christmas Day) and a round-town tram trip for Boxing Day.

Christmas is not particularly big in Hong Kong – pretty much everything remains open and operational, fortunately for us. Of course, it is famous for its New Year fireworks, and we could see quite a bit of preparation going on for this. Apparently, about the only time that Hong Kong stops is around Chinese New Year in February.

We then walked to where we are due to board the boat for this evening’s extravaganza, just so that we could get our bearings and some fresh air.

Kowloon on the mainland
Kowloon again
And again
This is the boat we will be travelling on tonight (probably)

It\’s quite a difficult place to find your way around, but we managed it, despite the huge crowds doing their Christmas shopping at mall after mall, accompanied by their screaming kids. A fairground on the harbour front added to the noise and bustle.

As Jean, although much better, was still feeling the remnants of her cold and I was coming down with something, we repaired to the sanctuary of the hotel room to rest up and prepare for the evening.

Off we set at around 6.45 p.m. to Quay 9. I have to say, Hong Kong looks spectacular at night.

All a bit chaotic, with loads of people milling about, but we boarded the ship and were under way at around 7.30. It then sailed across to Kowloon to pick up some more customers, but even so, the ship was surprisingly uncrowded. A complimentary glass of wine was offered and accepted.

The ship then positioned itself in the middle of the harbour for a view of the laser light show, which began at 8 p.m. and lasted about 10 minutes. It was a little anticlimactic – the night sky was already spectacular enough and the light show added little more. Still, it was worth seeing and we had a very good view of it.

Unfortunately, whatever it was that I was coming down with was getting worse, so we bowed out early and returned to the hotel room. One last shot of a fellow-travelling boat:

Hopefully a good night’s kip will improve the situation. It’s Christmas Day tomorrow, for Christ’s sake! A really rather odd sensation experiencing Christmas in foreign parts…..

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  1. Hi Jean and Chris the highlight of my day is reading what you have been up to every day you write a very good blog.Anyway have a great xmas both of you and hope your colds are better so you can enjoy your xmas dinner and it wont be long before you come home cant wait to see you Jean.xx

  2. Happy Christmas Adele and Simon

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