19th May – Home to Airport

The original plan was to travel by train to Gatwick, as there is a through train from a local station. However, that might have left us short of time, given all that we hear about massive queues at check-in. 

Soooo – we decided instead to drive down the night before and stay in a hotel. I had pre-booked long-term parking for Gatwick North Terminal, plus premium security to get us through a part of the preflight process that I hate more rapidly, plus a night at a local Travelodge including breakfast. Nothing like being prepared…..

As a result, we found ourselves bowling down the M1 at around 6 pm. Absolutely trouble free journey to the hotel. 

Room was standard poky Travelodge. We went to the café to set something to eat. It took an hour and a quarter to get it delivered – totally unacceptable. However, nothing we could do. 

Except retire for the night, which we duly did. 

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