21st May – Day 1 proper

After an excellent night’s sleep, we went down to breakfast, which took some sorting out as it was once again self service. Finally cracked it – very enjoyable and relaxed.

Then took a stroll around this very nice, if very large, hotel. Fairly quiet, I’m glad to say.

As it’s Jean’s birthday tomorrow, a spa and treatment package was satisfactorily booked. Then back to the room via the tourist booking office within the hotel, where we booked an island bus tour for Monday. How efficient is that??

As a reward, we spent the rest of the day poolside. Jean had a dip and I finished off a novel I’ve been trying to finish for weeks. 

I know this looks like one of those gigantic hotels on the Spanish Costas, but in reality it is very sophisticated and QUIET. Showing its age a little in places, but generally a nice place to be. Weather so far has been lovely – sunny, mid-twenties, with a persistent gentle breeze, as one might expect, given that the island is “fire and wind” in Spanish. Well, ish….

I’d been dying to try the jacuzzi in our room, so now seemed as good a time as any, even though I felt slightly guilty about consuming so much water simply for my personal gratification. However, I have paid for this……

There will be those amongst you who are far more used to this sort of thing than I am. It took at least half an hour to fill to a satisfactory level, during which time I fiddled with the buttons on the control panel, not all of which seemed to change anything. However, I found one button which seemed to produce a satisfactory result……

Green to get in!
Relatively under control……

Got in, not without difficulty, and got enjoyably wrinkly.

Next stop – dinner. We are now beginning to get the hang of things here, so a bottle of Rioja was ordered and delivered in jig time. The food was OK, but it does seem to suffer from being left out for so long. 

Back to the room via the Lobby Bar once again, where the entertainment was a flamenco dancing group called Zarabanda. Good fun, even if the actual music doesn’t do a lot for me. Some great moves and lovely dresses worn by the women, but all done to a pre-recorded sound track. 

Amazing they didn’t trip over these dresses
Quick change artistes, all
Neat footwork…..

After all this excitement and a nightcap, time for bed.

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