Why Fuerteventura?

 Why Fuerteventura? Good question.

Principally, my wife, Jean, and I are so fed up with the British weather that we just fancy a week away with some warm sunshine and the prospect of very little to do. The week we’ve chosen also happens to coincide with Jean’s birthday, so this represents a reasonably decent present. I hope……

The second motivator was a Which? report I read about escaping for some late spring/early summer sun, recommending a particular – and this is important – adults-only hotel. We love our grandchildren dearly, but other people’s kids? Possibly not so much. Make that definitely.

The third was simply the fact that we barely know the Canary Islands. Our only exposure to them was a day visit to Tenerife on a cruise back from South Africa to Blighty (on the Queen Elizabeth, as it happens). To be honest, we weren’t that impressed, but hardly the basis for an accurate assessment of the Canaries as a destination.

So – even for a relatively modest trip, we got in touch with our favourite travel agents, Trailfinders, who have been, and still are, instrumental in organising our travel plans. Sure enough, they came back with an acceptable all-inclusive package at this hotel, so we went ahead and booked it.

We fly out from Gatwick Airport on Easyjet 🤞at 2.15 p.m. on Friday, 20th May, returning on Saturday, 28th May. 

The purpose of this blog is mainly as a record of the trip. I doubt that there will be much content, as this is likely to more of a fly-and-flop holiday, but you never know. 

Looking forward to it.

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