22nd May – Day 2

Jean’s birthday!

A great shame, then, that she suffered some collywobbles in the small hours. We have no idea what caused it, but probably something she ate. Not a great way to start any day, let alone one’s birthday.

I’d managed to smuggle her present from our two daughters in my luggage, so was able to cheer her up slightly by giving it to her. It was (another!) handbag, but it had whatever it takes to be suitably different from all the other handbags. Me neither……

We made it down to breakfast, with Jean seeming to feel a little better, thank goodness. Then spent a while sitting in a nice spot, whilst Jean read an actual physical book and I wrote this drivel.

Jean went off for her spa treatment thingy whilst I had a relaxed afternoon (which may have involved a glass of fizz and another dip in the jacuzzi)….

At around 5.30 came a knock on the door and a bottle of Cava plus some sweetmeats were delivered from the hotel to celebrate Jean’s birthday. Unfortunately, Jean wasn’t yet fully recovered, so the fizz went into the fridge in the room for, er, later. The sweetmeats did not survive the evening, however, so the recovery is well underway! 🤣

Down for dinner, and as we were a little earlier, the food seemed to be in better condition. A bottle of Albarino was a very nice accompaniment. 

As we have to get up at some ungodly hour to get the 9 am minibus for the island tour, need to get our heads down relatively early.

Looking forward to actually leaving the hotel tomorrow! 

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