24th May – Day 4 (a look around Corralejo)

A far less busy day today, thank goodness. 

After our usual very leisurely breakfast on another cloudy but warm day, we sauntered our of the hotel to have a gander at the town we’re staying in – Corralejo.

Here’s proof we actually left the hotel:

We walked down the town’s main drag. Quite obviously catering to the bloody tourists. Full of tat. Upmarket tat, but tat nevertheless. Nothing to see here.

We found ourselves at a sea wall, with views of the small island of Lobos:

And in the hazy distance, the much larger island of Lanzarote:

And that, to be frank, was about as exciting as it got. 

Until the evening’s entertainment – three very good vocalists called The Soul Hunters. As the name suggests, the fare served up was mainly Motown classics. They were a bit over the top, but well received and great fun. They even had us up and dancing before the night was done. Nothing to do with the G&Ts imbibed, of course. Oh, no, not at all….. 

Nice to have a relatively quiet day after yesterday’s marathon.

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