25th May – Day 5

Very little to report, you’ll be glad to know….

Another slightly disappointingly cloudy day, but still shirtsleeves and shorts.

Spent most of the day in one of the many nice spaces this hotel has got. As we had nothing on the agenda, Jean excitingly decided to do some washing, because we really do know how to have a good time. 

Lunch was taken in the pool bar – beer, wine and lasagna. Can’t be bad.

We also had a small table tennis session, until we discovered that the ball was cracked. Back to Reception to replace it, but it was of really poor quality.

At about this time, we heard some rock music coming from the poolside. To my delight, it was the same guitarist that I’d enjoyed so much a couple of nights previous. Most of the songs were Dire Straits and Pink Floyd covers. I’m a Dire Straits aficionado, particularly their earlier stuff, so I listened raptly for the next hour or so. As aforementioned, he was bloody good.

Dinner was so-so, but we didn’t need much after a substantial lunch. We both miss the personal service aspect – a buffet is fine as far as it goes, but the quality does suffer as the evening wears on. A bottle of nice red wine certainly helped…..

The evening’s entertainment was a three person troupe of flamenco dancers, two men and a woman. To my untutored eyes and ears, this was more classical flamenco compared with our earlier experience, and seemed technically very competent – lots of clapping and stamping with some very complex rhythms. Whilst enjoyable, there were one or two technical issues which rather detracted from the delivery and, as I’ve said before, the music doesn’t do a lot for me. However, not a bad way to end the day.

Another do-nothing kind of a day in prospect for tomorrow. The weather is forecast to be glorious and we’ve hired a Balinese (?) bed. Tune in tomorrow to find out more! 

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