26th May – Nothing doing

The day dawned (well, at around 8.30 am anyway) with cloudless blue skies and glorious sunshine – the best day weatherwise so far.

As already referenced, we’d hired a Balinese bed for the day. Whether the good burghers of Bali actually sleep on such a thing, I really don’t know, but here it is anyway:

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have noticed a bottle of fizz in an ice bucket to the left. This, and some mainly delicious fresh fruit, were delivered to us as part of the package. Both went down a treat. We were also in the advantageous position of being just above the pool bar…..

Nothing else for it, then, but to enjoy the lovely weather. The sun was very hot, so we both had to be judicious in our exposure to it, but I think I can definitely say now that I’ve caught the sun, as the saying goes, without suffering any symptoms of sunburn. Result.

So passed a thoroughly self-indulgent day, which we both enjoyed. The subsequent attempt to play table tennis after the fizz and with a ridiculously light ping-pong ball was hilarious. Well, we thought it was, anyway.

Back for dinner as usual, then the evening’s entertainment – a duo called Leticia and Kirzy. They purported to play and sing Latin-American arrangements of popular tunes, some of which worked, most didn’t. “Let It Be” fitted into the latter category.

The female half of the duo played some reasonably good flute and soprano sax, and it was reasonably enjoyable without getting the pulse racing.

And that, basically, was it for the day. 

Our last full day tomorrow, and the weather is forecast to be good again. Excellent. 

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