27th May – Last full day ☹️

Woke once again to disappointingly cloudy skies, but still mid-20s temperatures and a gentle breeze.

The only major event today was Jean’s Nails, one of the very many girl things I simply do not get, but it took nearly two hours to get her nails coloured. Me neither, but she was pleased with the result. So that was all right, then. 

During this episode, though, to my and everybody else’s surprise, we had A Thunderstorm! Only a diddy one, but a couple of short, sharp, showers had all the sunbathers scurrying for cover as I watched from the comparative comfort of our balcony. 😁

Jean then braved out alone to a gift shop to track down some jewellery recommended to her, which gave her the opportunity to mooch around without me constantly whingeing. I, meanwhile, sat in the sun with a beer, the weather having improved somewhat. Quelle surprise….. 

Jean returned, partially successful, from her mission and we enjoyed some more rays for the last time 😢

Thereafter, dinner and packing, with the prospect of an 8.25 am taxi taking us to the airport the next morning. Fortunately, the evening entertainment wasn’t worthy of much of our attention, so we weren’t missing much as we packed and went to bed, still far too late as usual. 

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