Final thoughts

The Island

Fuerteventura is an odd place in many ways. In the north it is fairly flat and, in Corralejo at least, is dominated by sand dunes and tourist infrastructure. In the south, it is much less developed, but overall, the island is semi-desert. Very little greenery. The scenery inland is starkly desolate and very impressive, being volcanic in origin, with little or no tourist infrastructure. I liked it, but Jean found the lack of greenery rather depressing.

The Hotel

The Barceló Corralejo Bay Hotel was, on the whole, excellent. The room was large, the aircon worked, the bed was comfortable and it was adults only. The room showed its age in a few places, particularly the bathroom, but nothing to get upset about unless you are really nitpicky.

The staff, particularly the receptionists, were outstanding. They couldn’t have been more helpful. 

Breakfast and dinner were buffet style, which has its obvious advantages, but we did rather miss the more personal service of being served at table. The food was plentiful, but no more than average quality. The pool bar (lunches only) was better – table service and good food. 

Evening entertainment was variable, but as it was free, I suppose one shouldn’t complain too much. A bit naff for the most part with one major exception.

I didn’t go in the pool, but Jean did and suffered the runs the following night. No means of knowing the cause, but it put Jean off enough that she didn’t go in again. 

I am told that the spa facilities were very good!

Travel there and back 

Frequent Easyjet flights operate from London Gatwick. The flight out was relatively straightforward, but coming back was trying, mainly because of the huge queues. 

Having said this, it sounds as if we were very lucky. So many flights subsequently have been cancelled at very short notice due mainly to staff shortages. Immensely frustrating for those that suffered as a result, but we made it there and back with relatively little trouble. I therefore feel slightly ashamed of my bad temper at the airport. 


This is a good place to go if you want a fly and flop holiday. A tour round the island is worth doing, but a day is sufficient. We didn’t venture onto any of the beaches.

The weather was generally good, although cloudy at times. Temperatures were in the mid 20s during the day – very pleasant. We spent most of our time in T-shirts, shorts and sandals, and the dress code was relaxed. It was breezy at times, but never chilly or particularly intrusive. 

It was most enjoyable, but we probably won’t go again. There are other Canaries that might demand our attention if we want to get away from cold and wet Blighty, bless it. 

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