Day 12 (Ketchikan to Vancouver) – Thursday, 21st July

In my haste to publish yesterday’s post, I forgot to include a few photos I took on leaving Ketchikan. I’m only putting them in as today is likely to be rather boring and pictureless.

So many islands round here

Today is a sea day, so various admin talks need to be done (yet another bloody immigration form and the voluminous Viking feedback form, for example). Oh, and packing……. 🙁

We arrive in Vancouver at around 7 a.m. and we have to be out of our staterooms by then. Yuk! Luggage has to be outside our room by 10 p.m. to take advantage of the collection service. My presence at the nightclub tonight will be shorter than usual……

Jean is still under the weather and I’m feeling a bit dismal as this great experience is coming to an end. And the weather has been cloudy, cool and damp. Still, we have so much to look forward to – three nights in Vancouver for starters.

However, the weather started to improve and the scenery became much more interesting.

Sunshine and blue sky! Hallelujah!
Interesting cloud formations. Reminds me of New Zealand.

I was wrong about today being pictureless. A complex and fascinating topography around here. Beautiful.

So passed a nice lazy afternoon, punctuated by bouts of packing, endless checking of drawers, cupboards, cubby holes, etc.

Attended a presentation by one of the resident astronomers, Charlie Armstrong, about just how difficult it will be to get to Mars. Interesting, but quite technical.

Final dinner in the World Café, and final session in the Torshavn nightclub. All a bit flat, but got talking to a couple of Brits, Andrea and another Chris. Went to bed far too late again, particularly given that we have to be out of our stateroom by 7 a.m.

Vancouver awaits.

4 responses to “Day 12 (Ketchikan to Vancouver) – Thursday, 21st July”

  1. Sorry that Jean is still under the weather. Give her our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Nice sunset pic 🙂

    1. Thanks, Steve. Jean’s a lot better now. Safely in Vancouver.

  2. Adele Gardner avatar
    Adele Gardner

    what a shame Jean still not quite better give her my love and hope she will improve ready for the next part of your adventure the picture of the sunset looks amazing

    1. Jean’s a lot better now, Adele. I’ll let her know you’re thinking of her.

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