Day 15 (Vancouver) – Sunday, 24th July

Remember I said I’d report back on the ginger tea issue? It’s fine.

Another lazy start to the day. Nice and sunny again – a very pleasant 21 degrees. Brunch time! Not as buzzy as yesterday, but still animated.

No food pics today. Yet, anyway. I know somebody who will be very glad of that! 😉

Having said that, we’ve booked a French style bistro for our last dinner in Vancouver this evening……

As planned, found our way to the lookout tower and, on payment of a not unreasonable sum (for Canada), we ascended to the top but one floor for the observatory.

Some decent views availed themselves:

Marine Building – 1930s art deco
Not very good picture of the Capilano suspension bridge
English Bay, where the fireworks were last night
If you can read this, explains the fireworks

We then decided to go up a floor to the revolving restaurant to see if we could get a coffee. Very snooty lot – can’t enter unless you have a reservation. Not even for a coffee? Nope. It was virtually empty.

We walked along the waterfront to the pub where we had lunch the first day in Vancouver, and enjoyed a coffee in the sun. Very nice.

Back to the hotel, when I actually went to the gym! Not only that, but I did an actual session! Very hot and sweaty, and I’ve lost strength, but hardly surprising given my indolent lifestyle thus far.

Out for dinner at the aforesaid bistro. Good vibe for a Sunday evening, and temperature still around 20 degrees. Food was good, but not fantastic, and we were too knackered to make a big deal of it. Certainly not worth any pictures…. Besides, we had to get back to finish packing.

Tomorrow we take the ferry to Victoria in Vancouver Island, and that means an early start as the bus is picking us up at about 8.30 a.m., so I’d better get my head down.

More tomorrow.

5 responses to “Day 15 (Vancouver) – Sunday, 24th July”

  1. Adele Gardner avatar
    Adele Gardner

    its that work out in the gym thats making you feel tired did Jean do a work ?
    im interested what did you have in the french restarant?

    1. Hi, Adele. No, Jean did a yoga session in the hotel room remotely. And yes, I was knackered after my workout!

      Jean had Arctic Char, a fish very like trout, and I had coq au vin.

      1. Adele Gardner avatar
        Adele Gardner

        i looked up arctic char it looks very nice and proper authenic coq au vin is delicious and even better when its kosher!

      2. I forgot to mention – Jean had a bone marrow starter, which she thoroughly enjoyed!

  2. Adele Gardner avatar
    Adele Gardner

    every week im always boiling chicken bones to make marrow stock etc its a jewish thing

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