Day 19 (Parksville) – Thursday, 28th July

As predicted, a sticky night. Consequently, not a great night’s sleep. The shower, however, was an excellent reviver.

The tide goes out a long way

The sea is incredibly shallow here, which explains why it’s so popular with families.

Partook of a very decent and reasonably priced breakfast at the on-site restaurant, and excitingly visited the gift shop to get washing powder and coins for the laundrette. These things are important, you know…..

Successful outcome to this venture, although the clothes were very hot coming out of the dryer! Maybe a lower setting next time.

Spent the rest of the morning experimenting with packing (again) as, in a couple of days’ time, we’ll be boarding a seaplane to take us to a bear watching lodge for a couple of days, and the maximum load is 14 kg per person. Takes some planning, that does.

I mentioned that this place has a gym. I also have a monthly target of a particular measurement of exercise that I should meet. I was in danger of missing this, so went to the gym for a workout. Very hot, but I made the target. Next month could be trickier…..

Jean went for a walk on the vast beach and did a yoga session afterwards. Lots of boxes ticked.

Another surprisingly good meal in the onsite restaurant. The bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon accompanying it made for a rather silly attempt at playing table tennis afterwards….

One last evening of sitting on our balcony as the sun went down, then retired to bed.

Bear watching stage coming up. Hope you can join us for that.

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  1. This holiday is just getting better and better!

    1. Lots more to come, Lesley! Bear watching upcoming – stay tuned!

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