Day 20 (Parksville to Campbell River) – Friday, 29th July

Another frazzling start to the day – 27 degrees at 9.30 a.m.!

Better night’s kip, for me at least, then a rushed breakfast and frantic last minute packing to get out in time. Checked out without any problem (apart from another large bill) and were soon on our way.

As we had loads of time before our next destination, we decided to stop at Elk Falls. Lovely spot within a very old forest, but it was even hotter here than at Parksville.

Tall trees
Elk Falls – quite impressive
Elk Falls Suspension Bridge
Elk Falls from the bridge
Jean on the bridge
Other side of the gorge
Tall tree canopy

We stopped for a breather on a bench at the top of the climb back up from the bridge, when a bloke came along and asked if his “dear sweet gran” could sit down alongside us. Naturally we agreed, and spent the next 15 minutes or so chatting to this really switched-on elderly lady. It’s amazing the number of times the Americans and Canadians just engage you in random conversation. Don’t they know that one has to be properly introduced? 😉

Back to the car and a very short drive to the Comfort Inn and Suites in Campbell River, which is the official starting point for our bear watching trip, starting tomorrow. We had a few misgivings about this, as Comfort Inns can be a bit variable, but we were delighted to be checked into a spotless air conditioned room with a very decent view:

Spent the next hour and a half completing paperwork for our seaplane flight to Knight Inlet Lodge tomorrow morning, plus struggling to pack a bag within the 14 kg weight limit. I have a weighing device – I hope it’s accurate, as we are both within half a kilo of that limit!

The Comfort Inn doesn’t have a restaurant, but provided a comprehensive list of suitable eateries. We settled upon Moxies on the waterfront, a 15 minute walk away.

Good food and wine again, but got very busy later with families. Noisy kids everywhere. We were glad of a nice peaceful walk back to the hotel in absolutely glorious evening weather.

To my surprise, we saw a huge Holland America cruise ship slip past us heading out to the open sea, plus a ferry going in the opposite direction.

No idea where either are going

An exciting day in prospect tomorrow, which requires an early start. So better get my head down.

Hopefully you will join us for the next riveting instalment. However, it might be a while, as I understand that there is no Internet connection at the lodge. So, dear reader, hopefully you can possess your soul in patience until then.

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  1. Adele Gardner avatar
    Adele Gardner

    did the suspension bridge sway like the one in ireland ?
    i like your dress you are wearing Jean
    i bet it was nice to sleep in the air con hotel
    have a great day tomorrow

    1. Thanks, Adele. Might be a while before we’re in touch, as there is no Internet at the lodge.

    2. Yes, it did, but not very much, to be honest!

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