Day 29 (Jasper) – Sunday, 7th August

Awoke (eventually) after a very good night’s sleep, to this view out of our room window:


Went to the Grand Hall for breakfast. Very slow service and not great quality. No tip.

Caught the shuttle bus into the attractive small town of Jasper in temperatures of about 27 degrees just to have a look around. Found some lemon and ginger tea! Potential crisis averted…

Also got some snacks for our excursion tomorrow, as it is about 6 hours long and no chance to buy food.

Jasper fire station in the foreground

Somehow ended up in a bistro with a beer in hand….

Back to the very nice lodge room to attend to various admin matters and to get the laundry done. These things are important, etc., etc.

Had a look round this really very nice resort, found the spa, the hairdresser ($50 for a haircut? You’re having a laugh!! I pay a tenner at home!), some ridiculously chichi shops, and a small gym. I should be doing a workout, but I can’t find the motivation at the moment…..

The lodge is situated at the head of the beautiful Lake Beauvert.

Wonderfully clear water, fed by an underground spring from a neighbouring lake

Went for a short walk around the lake, but found our way thwarted by a golf course. However, we saw a chipmunk or ground squirrel, depending on who you talked to. Posed nicely for us.

Retraced our steps and sat in the glorious sunshine for a while.

As we have (another 🙄) earlyish start tomorrow on a planned excursion round Lake Maligne, we took dinner relatively early in the sun patio outside the Great Hall.

Sparkling rosé aperitif

Excellent burger for Jean and a super steak for me, both served with Parmesan chips. Delicious, as was the Malbec, and top service too. Great view.

Rosé and replete (see what I did there?), we returned to our cabin and sat enjoying the evening sunshine.

Another view of this great site

We are off on a jaunt around Jasper Valley and Maligne Lake tomorrow, so will be reporting on how that goes. In the meantime, good night.

4 responses to “Day 29 (Jasper) – Sunday, 7th August”

  1. the weather looks so lovely lots of sunshine thats the sort of thing i like doing sitting in the sunshine and sipping cold beer very pretty scenery looks a bit like the lakes in italy

    1. It’s actually more scenic. Just fantastic.

  2. Wonderful looking weather. It’ll be interesting to see what it’s like there in a month’s time when we get there.

    1. Yes – this is very unusual here. I’ll be interested to hear your comparison.

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