Day 40 – 18th August (Niagara to Minett)

Breakfast at the Hilton was by by way of voucher again, but we didn’t have to pay anything and we didn’t have to rush as we did yesterday. Far, far too many potato wedges served again. What a waste.

Got the car loaded up and set off on our 330 kilometre journey northwards to the J.W. Marriott Rousseau resort near Minett, halfway between Niagara and Ottawa. It was straightforward, easy, uneventful and comfortable. Stopped at a one-horse town called Severn for a coffee on the way. Temperatures in the high twenties.

Very impressive looking place on arrival and, at least, they were expecting us, unlike the Hilton. Checked into a nice large room with a whistling kettle (nice touch), bath (good news for Jean), separate shower with a nice high head (good news for me) and decent WiFi (good news all round).

After settling in – we are here for two nights – we had a quick look around the place. It’s a watersports resort, and family oriented, but in a beautiful setting on Lake Rousseau.

Jean had let slip at check-in that it was our wedding anniversary tomorrow, which prompted cries of delight from the staff and a promise of wine tomorrow, much to our bemusement. Serendipitous, though!

We booked the in-house chophouse for our meal tonight and the in-house Italian for tomorrow.

Had a very nice, albeit very expensive, meal at the chophouse, and we got a complimentary dessert – a super crême brulée – for our anniversary, even though it is actually tomorrow and we were full to the brim already. Rude not to eat it, though, so we did.

I hadn’t finished yesterday’s very long blog post – top marks if you managed to stay the course – so retired to the room to finish it, and today’s post, off.

The intention tomorrow is to do very little and enjoy the environs of this very pleasant spot. I might even do a workout – heaven knows I need to, but we’ll have to see how tomorrow pans out, won’t we?

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  1. happy anniversary how many years?
    i was married to geoff for 20 years and now i have been with Simon for 22 years

    1. 44 years, Adele.

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