Day 41 – 19th August (Minett)

Or to be more precise, Muskoka Lakes.

Well, today is our 44th wedding anniversary! So how did we spend it?

Well….. I did a workout and we got the washing done. These things are important, you know!

Apart from that, after an acceptable breakfast, we wandered around this great resort and ended up sitting by the lakeside in 28 degree temperatures, watching others paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, jetskiing and generally having fun in or on the water.

Sun sparkling on the water

This eventually motivated Jean to have a go at paddle boarding. I have zero desire to attempt this, but it has been a tick-box item for Jean for quite a while.

Fell off twice, but at least she tried
Better success kneeling

Tremendous support and encouragement from the girl who helped her do this. I was just enjoying the sunshine watching. Others were having variable degrees of success also. It’s harder than it looks.

After drying out in the sun, back to the room to a) sort the washing out (we’d discovered a free guest laundry) b) Jean to prepare for a swim in the resort pool c) me to prepare for a workout in the rather basic gym. All objectives achieved, I’m glad to say.

We had a pleasant surprise later when came a knock on the room door for a delivery of a bottle of wine and some chocolates for our anniversary. A really nice gesture.

Thence to the Italian restaurant we’d booked for tonight’s anniversary meal. A nice ambience, service OK, but too much food. It was delicious, but why so much? Again, what a waste. Neither of us could come close to finishing. And expensive.

We got talking to a Canadian couple (who were also being outfaced by the sheer quantity of food) at the next table, and they confirmed that the cost of living in Canada had risen dramatically. I’d commented on the three taxes that had been levied on the meal cost, plus the moral obligation one felt to pay a tip. 18% seems to be the minimum expected. Well, I ain’t paying that unless I’ve had exceptional service and we didn’t get that tonight. Shame.

The Canadians voiced the opinion that, as so many businesses had suffered through the Covid pandemic, they were trying to recover some lost ground financially. I understand that, but I do also feel that us tourists are being fleeced to a considerable extent.

Enough already. Time to go back and pack before we face the 5-hour journey to Ottawa tomorrow, our next destination on this adventure. Join me for the next exciting instalment.

7 responses to “Day 41 – 19th August (Minett)”

  1. Congrats to Jean for trying the boarding 👏

    1. Thanks, Steve. I’ll pass it on.

  2. Happy anniversary. Enjoy your day/evening and safe travels tomorrow

    1. Thanks, Dawn.

  3. Thanks all on here and WhatsApp groups for appreciating my attempt at paddle boarding! It’s so much harder than it looks. Legs ache this morning as I was told they would. Not helped by banging my foot hard against a concrete fountain in the swimming pool, most of which was under the water. Right foot now bruised and swollen 🥴 Never mind, sitting in car most of today!

  4. Adele, actually swam for the first time on this trip! It’s been too cold, too hot or too many kids in the pools up until now!

    Also first time I’ve been wild swimming ever. Accidental I grant you, but still wild swimming 😁 Hope you are impressed? Hate to think what I swallowed as lake water went right over my head both times 😯

  5. omg Jean i cant believe you have finally been wild swimming
    i tried paddle boarding once and its much harder than it looks its all about
    balance and you need to have a strong core to keep you on the board
    i bet you loved being in the pool later in the day nice and relaxing
    and yes i also had aching legs the next day
    but well done for trying and doing an activitty out your comfort zone
    now you have been wild swimming maybe you will come wild swimming with me
    in cold old England!!

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